Line Shaft, CDLR & Other Roller Conveyors

Metzgar conveyors, a subsidiary of Frost Inc., manufactures a complete line of roller conveyors which includes Line Shaft, Chain Driven, Power Belt and Gravity conveyors. The company has been around for 85 years, focusing on producing efficient, versatile and dependable engineered roller conveyors.



Our highly seasoned engineering staff have will design and manufacture roller conveyors according to your specifications.


Metzgar’s roller conveyors are designed to stand up to the rigors of daily constant use with minimal maintenance required.

Timely Delivery

Metzgar understands service as delivering a reliable, quality product in a timely manner.


We stand behind our roller conveyors to ensure they function according to design and as promised.



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Overhead Trolley Systems


Hand Pushed Trolleys


Metzgar applies its engineering expertise to assist customers in deciding how to apply conveyor technology to their particular applications. This translates to providing customers with custom conveyor solutions that are reliable and cost-effective. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Packaging
  • Pallet
  • Appliance
  • Furniture
  • Food processing


Hand Pushed I-Beam Trolleys

Hand Pushed Trolleys for your overhead monorail cranes and hoists.

Roller Turn Rollers

Frost offers a full line of high-quality Chain Roller Turn Rollers for your material handling needs.

Flat Top Wheels

Our Flat Top Wheels can be Sealed for Life Retainer Type or Relubable Full Ball Complement.

Push Back Rack Wheels

Heavy-Duty Push Back Rack Wheels for new and existing systems.

Conveyor Roll Bearings

Conveyor Bearings for your light, medium and heavy-duty material handling applications.

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