Frost has maintained a strong leadership position in the material handling industry based upon manufacturing high quality products that possess superior engineering design. Frost’s engineering capability has been at the core of bringing effective conveyor solutions to customers around the world.

“We were looking to replace over 100 Frost Hand Push Trolleys that we have had in service for over 25 years of hard wear and tear on them. We were blown away when we were told we could just replace the wheels. WOW! As if 25 years is not enough service, we will get even more. These trolleys are the most durable, high quality and most profitable trolleys we have ever used! Amazing!”

Tony R. BroachCarpet Rentals, Inc.

Frost is actually a really good company to work with…They provided us assistance and help and we work really good together…Frost is one of the best lines that you can get…We are allowed to purchase the Frost line so we can have one of the best lines that there is in the business and in the industry…”

Customer In Southern USA

Frost Inc. has consistently provided us with high value, excellent quality, chain and service for our manufacturing operations. They have met all of our relentless delivery schedules and worked with our team to seamlessly carry out every project they work on. I am pleased to have Frost Inc. as a key supplier.”

Alanna WoodbeckDirector of Purchasing, Overhead Conveyor Company


Our Engineering team provides customers with design and manufacturing expertise from start-to-finish. Our capabilities include:

1) Extensive experience providing engineered conveyor systems and components to a wide variety of customer applications.

2) Proven track record of higher quality products that perform longer than the competition.

3) Utilization of 2D & 3D software to assist in reaching the best possible product designs for customers.

4) FEA simulation to ensure Frost products can hold up under heavy real-world forces and harsh environments.

5) Product load testing to determine how Frost components may react to specific load conditions ensuring product integrity.

6) Assessments of wear on conveyors in the field to assist customers in preempting chain failure & downtime.


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