Frost offers a complete range of engineered conveyor solutions, accessories and consultative chain assessment services that serve a wide variety of applications. If you have any questions, a Frost Engineer or Sales Representative would be happy to help.


Overhead Trolleys

Frost manufactures 3″, 4″ and 6″ power trolleys for overhead conveyor systems. The trolleys are engineered and designed to meet the demands of heavy loads and harsh environment conditions. Wheels are available in full ball compliment or retainer type constructions.

Conveyor Chain and Attachments

Frost manufactures the highest quality 2″, 3″, 4″ and 6″overhead X-Type conveyor chain and attachments for many different types of applications. Our engineers and experience sales people stand ready to assist you in finding the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Enclosed Track Chain

Frost’s Enclosed Track Systems deliver a variety of solutions for your Continuous Bakery and Industrial applications. No matter how light or rigorous your chain needs are, we have the solution that will meet your applications needs.

Line Shaft, CDLR & Other Roller Conveyors

Our Roller Conveyors are efficient, versatile and dependable because they are specifically engineered to meet your specifications. They serve various material handling applications in almost every industry around the world.

Engineered Class, Heavy Duty Chain

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Production Industries, Frost offers heavy duty and specialty conveyor chain to various types of applications. From automotive, to paper mill, to recycled refuse, to water screen applications, we have many different chain options to support your operation.

Free Trolleys

Frost manufactures Free Trolleys for 3″, 4″ and 6″ overhead and inverted conveyor systems. We also provide Free Trolley replacement parts, such as wheels and axles. If you wish to get extra life out of your free trolleys, you may be able to participate in our rebuild program.

Conveyor Parts and Accessories

Don’t need a replacement system for your operation? We provide conveyor parts and accessories which include a variety of roll bearings, guide rollers, wheels, roller turn rollers and more. Our parts and accessories can be used in an array of material handling applications.

Conveyor Chain Assessment Services

Conveyor downtime costs you money. We provide high tech chain wear monitors and on-site chain assessment services to assist when chains and components need to be replaced, due to excessive wear or irregular load issues.

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