Conveyor Chain Assessment Services

Frost recommends periodically reviewing and lubricating your conveyor systems to prevent costly conveyor downtime. Our chain wear monitors and on-site chain assessment services educate customers in knowing when they may have a chain conveyor problem, before it occurs. We provide a Chain Strain Analysis, Chain Wear Analysis and 37 point Conveyor System Health Assessment.


Consultative Advice

Highly experienced chain conveyor professionals available who can provide advice on how best to maintain conveyors to maximize conveyor longevity.

Preemptive Diagnosis

High tech equipment with the ability to determine chain wear or load strain may present a problem needing attention to avoid costly breakdown.

User Friendly Monitoring Equipment

Equipment that is simple to use with touch screen, Wi-Fi and remote access interface as available features.

Peace of Mind

Permanent chain wear monitoring available that can monitor wear 24/7 if desired to create peace of mind that things are under control.



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CATS Portable Chain Wear Monitor


CATS Permanent Chain Wear Monitor – Automotive


CATS Permanent Chain Wear Monitor – Poultry


CATS Permanent Chain Wear Monitor – Bakery


CATS Permanent Chain Wear Monitor – Industrial


We assist customers with advice and consultation who operate in a number of industries where processing and material handling are integral to their operations. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Furniture
  • Food


Overhead Conveyor Chain

Robust X-Type and Bolted Overhead Conveyor Chain that can be customized for your application.


Engineered Overhead and Inverted Trolleys which will meet your application's specifications.

Continuous Bakery Chains

Proofer and Oven chains for your high speed, continuous bakery systems.

Industrial Enclosed Track Chains

Industrial Enclosed Track Chains include Zig-Zag Compatible and Eisenmann Compatible Chains.

Flat Top Wheels

Our Flat Top Wheels can be Sealed for Life Retainer Type or Relubable Full Ball Complement.

Push Back Rack Wheels

Heavy-Duty Push Back Rack Wheels for new and existing systems.

Fasteners and Attachments

We provide Trolley fasteners and attachments which include bolts, lock nuts, pins, clips, spacers and washers.


New bolted chain that has adjustable pin for longer chain life.

Specialty Chains

Frost offers various specialty chains for a variety of applications.

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