Conveyor Parts and Accessories

Over many years of servicing customers, Frost has developed a parts and accessories business in a variety of material handling products. These parts an accessories can be found in high heat, heavy load, contaminated or corrosive environments. Many of our competitors do not provide this service, therefore, we consider this as an important service to our customers.


Short Run Capability

We are set up to turn smaller orders around quickly.

Wide Product Variety

Our drawing library is significant and enables us to produce a wide variety of parts for customers.

Relationship Focused

Your not just a customer, but a partner. How can we help with you conveyor needs so you succeed?

Value Add

By providing aftermarket products and services, we offer significant added value to our customer relationships.



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Conveyor Roll Bearings


Frost manufactures its high-quality parts and accessory components for numerous applications. Some of the industries we serve include:

  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • General Manufacturing
  • Warehouse Distribution



Engineered Overhead and Inverted Trolleys which will meet your application's specifications.

Continuous Bakery Chains

Proofer and Oven chains for your high speed, continuous bakery systems.

Hand Pushed I-Beam Trolleys

Hand Pushed Trolleys for your overhead monorail cranes and hoists.

Roller Turn Rollers

Frost offers a full line of high-quality Chain Roller Turn Rollers for your material handling needs.

Double Row Rollers

High quality Double Row Rollers that can be designed and manufactured to your specifications.

Flat Top Wheels

Our Flat Top Wheels can be Sealed for Life Retainer Type or Relubable Full Ball Complement.

Push Back Rack Wheels

Heavy-Duty Push Back Rack Wheels for new and existing systems.

Steel Trolley Wheels

Dependable Trolley Wheels that can withstand heavy loads and harsh environments.

Conveyor Roll Bearings

Conveyor Bearings for your light, medium and heavy-duty material handling applications.

Fasteners and Attachments

We provide Trolley fasteners and attachments which include bolts, lock nuts, pins, clips, spacers and washers.


New bolted chain that has adjustable pin for longer chain life.

Specialty Chains

Frost offers various specialty chains for a variety of applications.

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