Conveyor Chain and Attachments

Frost Links, a subsidiary of Frost Inc., has years of experience in supplying high-quality conveyor chain, pusher dogs, trolleys and attachments for industrial, food and processing industries worldwide. Our team of sales and engineers can develop a complete chain & trolley system that will work best in your particular application. Our overhead X-Type chain comes in standard, high alloy and stainless steel materials depending your specifications. We are the proud originator of Smooth Link chain that has helped establish our company as one of the highest quality providers of conveyor chain in the world.


Long Lasting

Proven track record of reliability and last longer than our competitors across all industries.

Best Value

Because our products outlast the competition, they bring a significant cost advantage to customers who use our chain and attachments.

Low Maintenance

Offering customers products with high quality, long-lasting materials; translates to smooth running chains with lower maintenance requirements.


Solutions withstanding the demands of high temperature, heavy load and contaminated operating environments while giving customers consistent performance.



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Dial-A-Bolt Chain


Smooth Link Chain System


Stainless Steel Smooth Link Chain


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Smooth Link X-Type Chain


Stainless Steel Smooth Link X-Type Chain


Dial-A-Bolt Bolted Style


Convert your Buschman System to an X-248 System


The Evolution of Chain


CATS Permanent Chain Wear Monitor – Poultry


Frost Links offers products perfectly suited for Industrial and Poultry Processing operations. We can recommend the precise product fit for our customer’s application taking into account matters related to steel grade, trolley construction, plating and lubrication.

  • Industrial
  • Poultry Processing
  • Red Meat Processing


Overhead Conveyor Chain

Robust X-Type and Bolted Overhead Conveyor Chain that can be customized for your application.


Engineered Overhead and Inverted Trolleys which will meet your application's specifications.

Continuous Bakery Chains

Proofer and Oven chains for your high speed, continuous bakery systems.

Overhead & Inverted Free Trolleys

Webb, Acco, Fata and Rapid Style compatible Free Trolleys and Rebuild Program.

Fasteners and Attachments

We provide Trolley fasteners and attachments which include bolts, lock nuts, pins, clips, spacers and washers.


New bolted chain that has adjustable pin for longer chain life.

Specialty Chains

Frost offers various specialty chains for a variety of applications.

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